All You Need To Know About Spectrum Select Packages

Spectrum Select Packages

Spectrum is a telecommunication company selling internet, TV, and phone services in more than 40 states in the U.S. It is no surprise that the company has continued to grow and improve its quality of services over the years. That is one of the major reasons why it offers services to more than 30 million people. You can get it all at Spectrum, whether it is super-speed internet, unlimited entertainment, or nationwide dialing.

Aside from the internet, TV, and phone services, Spectrum is known for offering safety, security, and reliability with all of its services. This is one of the reasons why it stands amongst the top ISPs in the U.S. This blog will focus on one service or one aspect of Spectrum, however.

Select TV is a TV service offered by Spectrum and the plans and packages for Select TV are packed with perks and more! If you have been considering getting a Spectrum TV plan, then you’ve come to the right blog.

Let’s take a look at what Spectrum TV has to offer you!

Spectrum TV Select plans

Spectrum offers cable TV to its customers at a reasonable rate. For the first year, you can get this plan at a discounted rate. The standard rates for the service apply after one year and if you want to know what the standard rate is depending on your area, then you can dial Spectrum at 1-844-481-5997.

The plan details are given in the table below. One more thing you should know about this plan is that you get a free Spectrum TV app with thousands of choices for on-demand content!

Spectrum TV TV Features Pricing
TV Select 125+ channels with free HD including ESPN, Discovery, Lifetime, and more.

(Channels and HD programming availability varies depending on the area.)

For 12 months only. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are additional and subject to change.


Spectrum TV Select Channel Lineup

Before purchasing any TV plan, you need to check the channel lineup to see if it is worth it. Of course, you might just be getting a TV plan for some channels and not all, so it’s only logical that you would check if those channels are part of the lineup. Spectrum TV Select has 125+ channels in its lineup and all of them are mentioned below.

·         ABC

·         A&E

·         BET

·         C-SPAN3

·         Comedy Central

·         ESPN

·         FOX Sports 1

·         HGTV

·         Hallmark Channel

·         Jewelry TV

·         Music Choice (All categories)

·         SYFY

·         TBS

·         Travel Channel

·         CBS

·         AMC

·         Bloomberg Television

·         CMT

·         Daystar

·         ESPN2

·         FX

·         History

·         Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

·         LOVE

·         National Geographic

·         Shop Zeal1

·         TLC

·         USA Network

·         NBC

·         ASPiRE TV

·         Bravo

·         CNBC

·         Discovery Channel

·         EWTN

·         FXX

·         HLN

·         IFC

·         Lifetime

·         NewsNation

·         Paramount Network

·         QVC

·         QVC2

·         Shop Zeal3

·         TNT

·         VH1

·         truTV

·         PBS

·         Animal Planet

·         C-SPAN

·         CNN

·         Disney Channel

·         FOX Business Network

·         Food Network

·         HSN

·         INSP

·         MTV

·         Nickelodeon

·         SonLife

·         TV One

·         WE tv

·         msnbc

·         FOX

·         BBC America

·         C-SPAN2

·         Cleo

·         E!

·         FOX News Channel

·         Galavision

·         HSN2

·         Investigation Discovery

·         Magnolia Network

·         Oxygen

·         REVOLT

·         SEC Network

·         SundanceTV

·         The Weather Channel

Did you know that you can also choose from multiple add-ons in case you want additional channels for your entertainment? For add-ons, you have options like Entertainment View with channels like NFL Network and Cooking Channel, Sports View with channels like Strike Zone and ESPN College, and more. To find out which of these add-ons are available in your area, you will need to talk to a Spectrum representative.

Spectrum TV Select Bundles

Some people don’t just want one service, but more than one. Maybe they are looking for a TV service along with an internet service, or they could be looking for both, including phone service as well! To cater to their needs, Spectrum offers some bundles that offer 2 or more services. Given below are two of Spectrum’s bundles that include TV Select. You can check the details, pricing, terms, and conditions of the bundles in the table.

Spectrum Bundles Download speed TV Features Phone Features Pricing
Internet + TV Select Up to 300 Mbps

(Wireless internet speeds vary depending on the area. Offer availability depends on area.)

125+ channels with free HD including ESPN, Discovery, Lifetime, and more

(Channels and HD programming availability varies depending on the area.)




For 12 months only. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are additional and subject to change.


Internet + TV Select + Voice Up to 300 Mbps

(Wireless internet speeds vary depending on the area. Offer availability depends on area.)

125+ channels with free HD including ESPN, Discovery, Lifetime, and more

(Channels and HD programming availability varies depending on the area.)

Unlimited calling in the U.S., and to Mexico, Canada, and more

(Service availability depends on area.)

For 12 months when bundled. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are additional and subject to change.


Spectrum TV Features

So, what do you think? Pretty cool, isn’t it? But that’s not the only cool thing about Spectrum. You have so many additional features with the TV Select packages and plans that you just can’t miss out on. Let’s take a look at some of these in detail.

Entertainment On-The-Go

This feature is just as it is said here. You get to enjoy TV Select on the go. You can enjoy a TV show, a movie, news, or a sports channel, etc. on any screen or device, as long as you have a subscription to TV Select. You get to enjoy 60 live channels and 85,000+ On Demand choices at any time from any location.

Pay for What You Watch

With Spectrum, you get value for your money. Spectrum TV Select is customizable. You can choose the add-ons depending on your choice of entertainment. Aside from the additional 125+ channels in TV Select, you can add more specified channels like sports, entertainment, Latino, and the like.

International Programming

If you want to add foreign language channels to your list, then you just need to ask the question, “Which language?” Spectrum offers multiple Non-English channels from around the world, so you can feel just at home wherever you are. Of course, Spectrum pays special attention to Spanish programming. You can ask them for more details regarding Spectrum Espanol at 1-844-487-2710.

Spectrum TV Select Pros and Cons

If you’re still thinking about whether TV Select is worth your money or not, here is a list of pros and cons that you can go over and consider.


30-day money-back guarantee – You can enjoy a trial period for a month with all the features, channels, and top-notch video quality. This way you get to decide if the channel lineup is for your liking or not. You also get to see if the service is as advertised and get a practical demonstration of the features and more. All of this for free, can you believe it?

Free HD programming – Since this is a feature that comes with every Spectrum TV Select plan, you get to enjoy this no matter the plan or package you sign up for. Basically, your worries about low-quality videos will be no more with Spectrum!

Parental controls – When it comes to the internet and TV, parents’ biggest concern is that their kids will be exposed to explicit or terrible content. Spectrum offers parental controls for this reason and this way you can make sure your kids are never exposed to inappropriate material. You get to lock channels to protect your kids from accidentally stumbling on something R-rated.

On-screen TV guide – This guide will help you sort the channels as you like and will also guide you regarding the content of the programs, the rating, airtime, length, and more. You can learn about recording broadcasts and more – thanks to that guide.

123 sorting – If you want to change the order or sorting of channels, you can do that too. You can arrange them by number or genre. This way it is easier for you to remember and scroll through the channels of your liking.

Choose your screen – Another unique perk that Spectrum offers is that you can watch your channel of choice on any screen, phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or cellphone. This way you are not restricted to one screen or device only.


Availability – Unfortunately, while Spectrum is available in more than 40 states, it might not be available in your area. Even if it is available in your area, there are some services that might not be. For example, you might have access to Spectrum internet in your area, but not necessarily TV Select. This can be disappointing for some, especially if they were meaning to get both services in a bundle.

Equipment and service pricing – Spectrum charges separately for equipment and services and so, you will have to inquire about these prices yourself. The plan and package are not equipment or service price inclusive.

Coming to the Conclusion

That was all you need to know about Spectrum TV Select! We have covered the plans, bundles, perks, pros, and cons of Spectrum TV Select. By now, you have probably also made up your mind about whether you want to explore other options, or if you are going to stick with this one. Our recommendation would naturally be to stick with this one!

Spectrum is an overall wonderful provider with a great TV service. TV Select makes for a great option for many people, and not just for those who spend lavishly. And we say that while keeping students in mind too. While the service itself might seem a little expensive, it can easily be divided among several roommates and enjoyed equally.

At a reasonable cost, you get to enjoy a lifetime’s worth of entertainment! How fun is that? So, what’s your next move? Are you signing up?

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