Dear dry skin, can you please leave?

dry skin

Winters are here, o goody. But they also bring the very irksome dry skin as well, which is not just irritating, but itches a lot as well. Furthermore, the flaky dry skin does also look appealing. It makes putting on makeup challenging as well.

So, how does one then enjoy winters but not worry about the dry and dull skin? Well, of course for specialized skincare, especially if you have certain skin conditions and problems, you should rely only on your skin specialist. But we have also rounded up some effective remedies for dry skin.

Remedies for dry skin

Watch your cleanser

Your cleanser plays an important role in maintaining a healthy skin. It helps in cleaning pollutants, bacteria, and dirt alongside excess oil from the skin. It thus ensures that your skin remains clean, but a harsh cleanser can also compound skin problem. Alongside being too harsh for the skin, they also are very drying.

So, make sure that your cleanser is weather-appropriate. Try to use a mild one if your skin is normal to dry, and for acne-prone or oily skin, use an oil-control one.

Use the right moisturizer formula

During summers, using a lotion for moisturization is fine. But during winters, you need a more robust moisturizer. It not only helps in ensuring a healthy skin barrier, so there is less moisture loss from your skin, but it also helps in replenishing the moisture as well.

Moreover, moisturizer is useful for improving the texture and appearance of the skin as well. Making generous use of a moisturizer can then help in preventing and remedying dry skin.

Buy a humidifier now

During winters, the air is dry as is since there is less moisture in the air. But the use of heaters and radiators can make the air drier. Hence, winters compound the problem of dry air in various ways.

A humidifier can help prevent this issue. Basically, a humidifier introduces moisture in the air, so it is not dry. Not only does that then affect the skin, but it also prevents problems like coughing and dry nasal cavities.

Facial oils can be of help

Facial oils are gaining traction, and rightfully so. They help in giving the perfect golden glow, but also offer benefits otherwise to the skin as well. Many oils are good sources of antioxidants. They then not only help in protecting the skin barrier, but also help the skin heal.

So, when you are done with your skincare routine, lock in the moisture using a facial oil.

Time the moisturizer right

After washing your face, you need to hurry up with the application of the moisturizer. A damp skin is more receptive to the benefits of a moisturizer. And if you do not replenish the moisture right after washing your face, your skin will become drier still.

So, within a minute of washing your face, slather on a generous dallop of the moisturizer.

Water should not be too hot to handle

Using hot water can be tempting. When it is so cold outside, the scalding hot water can feel wonderful. But it may also be the reason for your skin becoming dry.

So, even though you find hot water soothing, and there are only so many pleasures in life, but you must control yourself. Use lukewarm water instead.

Make sure to drink ample water

In winters, you might forget to drink water. But if you are dehydrated, your skin will also look the part as well. Moreover, in winters, people tend to drink more hot beverages like tea, and coffee, that promote water loss from the body. So, make sure that you drink enough water.

Talk to your dermatologist

Your perpetually dry skin might be an indicator of some issue with your skin. Those with problems like eczema are also more prone to having a flareup with dry skin.  Hence, it helps to consult the best Dermatologists in Lahore for consultation.

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