Different Activities You Can Do On the Fourth of July

Fourth of July

You might be having the best summer this year. If you have not planned anything for the warm season, so you better gear up, as the Fourth of July holidays are right around the corner. This means that it is high time to send invites to your friends and family to a barbecue or pool party with all the fun activities of the Fourth of July. The previous years might not be as fun for you as many people got infected with the Coronavirus and others were in quarantine. But this year, you can make up for it.

You can be as creative and as traditional as possible and create your very own Independence Day parade and decorate your home and other surroundings with White, Red, and Blue flags. You can even arrange a game or a movie night for your friends and family and have fun with them. There is no limit to the amount of flavor you can add to your Independence Day celebration.

There are ideas flooding Pinterest and other social media apps and platforms. You can connect using WOW internet services. You can look for Charter Bundle deals and use the most affordable internet, home phone, and Cable TV service in America. For now, let’s get you some affordable and amazing ways to celebrate America’s independence this year.

Create a Water Park Theme at Home

Since it is summer you can unleash splashers and sprinklers in your garden and create a water park theme in your backyard. This is not only going to be an amazing activity for your kids but also for the kids in your neighborhood. You can invite your neighbors for a pool party as well where you can have a chat with them and share a drink. Meanwhile, the kids can enjoy themselves in your Water park theme.

Prepare Different Meals and Desserts

Food is something that nobody can say “no” to. You can prepare some Independence Day-themed desserts and meals for your guests and serve them by the poolside. For this, you can think about something light and refreshing. You can have a look at different cookbooks and some cooking channels on YouTube as well for more ideas. Once you decide on the theme and meal options, you can even call for a vote to make your choice even more narrow to decide.

Host a Patriotic Movie Night

If you have favorable weather conditions at night, you can host a patriotic movie night with a number of exceptional movie options. You can use IMDb and many other movie review options and list down the most suitable options. You can call for a vote for the movie and let the audience decide. You can let your kids watch a separate movie on the same theme as well.

A great option is that you can dress up as your favorite personalities from American history and create a classical or vintage theme as well. This will be so much fun for the audience and will not cost you much as well.

Create a Care Package for Friends, Neighbors, and Family

This is one of the most amazing things to do on Independence Day when you can reserve some of your time creating a care package for people close to you. You can create a gift box or care package for your friends and send them greetings on the Fourth of July. You can find different discounts offered on different items and courier services

A great idea to express your love and affection to a war veteran or a soldier on active duty is to send a package to them. You can send a thank you note and words of appreciation for their service and make them feel special. This is going to make them feel valued and their efforts appreciated by people living around them.

You Can Go Camping in Your Backyard

This activity is not only affordable but also it is more fun to do as well. In this activity, you can involve your kids and other people in the family easily. You can set up different tents and it is an ideal situation if you add up a Civil War theme to it.

This way your kids will get an idea of how Civil War soldiers and our Forefathers used to live out in the open at the time of war. You can even ask them to ditch their smartphones and other smart devices for a day or two and teach them different techniques like lighting the fire and ways to communicate without smartphones and so on.

You can even tell them an interesting story about America’s Independence so that they can learn more about our history, the American Presidents, important monuments, and so on.

Play Different Patriotic Games

This is one of the best and most fun activities to do. One of the beauties of this activity is that almost anybody can accompany you in it. You can play different indoor and outdoor games with your neighbors, friends, and family and have fun. There are so many online and offline games as well that you can play. These include many war games, RPGs, and multiplayer games as well.

Apart from online options, you can go skating, play baseball, football, and other games. Make sure that you add as many people and as many activities where you can have fun. If you have not met your friends in a while, these games can be the perfect reunion as well for you. You can play all the childhood games that you guys used to play when you were kids and have fun.

Set up An Independence Lemonade Stand

You can even help your kids set up a lemonade stand in the neighborhood and sell it to them. This way they can learn how to help people in the community and make money. Since it is summer you can add a fresh dessert and sell it with your lemonade.

Your kids will love this activity and will enjoy selling and making lemonade for their customers.

Plan out Fireworks

Fireworks are the heart and soul of all Independence Day celebrations. Many communities host fireworks and entertain almost everybody in the neighborhood. You can take your family to a fireworks celebration which is sometimes paid for. You can find the most affordable ones or watch as they light the sky from your home windows or roof. Many communities sell off tickets beforehand so that they can buy good quality fireworks for the viewers.


In the end, one can say that there are so many ways you can celebrate the Fourth of July this year. As compared to the previous years, when all celebrations and proceedings were limited but this year you can celebrate to the fullest. You can think about more activities other than the ones mentioned above and be as creative as possible.

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