Final Fantasy 7 Remake heads or tails coin toss: should you choose Heads, Tails or No deal?

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If you are wondering about the choice of heads or tails in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, we have the answer. This toss appears in Chapter 9 and while it might seem like a small decision, it, along with a few other things, can change a lot. Stuff like the dress Cloud wears, for example, as well as different side quests for Sam or Ms. M. Read on to find out what the choice of head or tail in Final Fantasy 7 Remake can change and how to get it. the desired result.

It all starts in Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, when Chocobo Sam presents you with a choice to make: Will the coin land on its head or tail? Of course, you also have the option of saying No Deal and not playing with his bet. You’ll first see Sam asking for help getting into Don Corneo’s place to save Tifa, and this requires you to choose from a series of different dialogue responses throughout the chapter. It’s not immediately obvious what these choices do right off the bat, but each choice you make will determine which of three possible Cloud dress you end up wearing, and also have you doing different side quests for Sam or Ms. M.

How Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s choice of heads or tails affects the game

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake head or tail question has to do with other choices you make in Chapter 9. Some of the dialogue responses seem more minor than others, but they seem to boil down to four key points. where your decisions affect the overall result:

  • Whether you choose to help Johnny when he appears with the discovery of Johnny Vagabond
  • Whether you choose Heads, Tails or No deal with Sam
  • Which massage you choose to have from Madame M
  • What side quests you do or don’t complete

So what you decide to do with these options depends on what dress you want Cloud to wear and what side quests you are looking to accomplish. After trying several combinations, we’ll go into detail which choices lead to which results and how you can achieve each dress for Cloud.

How to unlock different dresses for Cloud in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Unlocking different dresses for Cloud depends on the combination of all of the things we’ve mentioned so far: key dialogue options, choosing heads or tails, massage choices, and any side quests you complete. Coming up, we have the choices you need to make to get three different clothing options.

The simple black and gray dress – Chocobo Sam side quests

On my first game, I ended up getting the simple black robe for Cloud and didn’t complete the side quests for Sam completely before leveling up, which might factor into that as well. For the sake of clarity, I will describe each choice I made from among those presented to you throughout the chapter that led to these results.

  • Describe Tifa to Chocobo Sam – Choose: “She’s a great fighter”
  • Followed by Johnny – Yes or no answer – Choose: “No”
  • Chocobo Sam raffle – Heads, Tails or No Deal: choose “Heads”
  • Madame M Massage – Choose the option “Standard course 1000 Gil”
  • Opinion on Aerith’s outfit: choose “It looks comfortable”

After making these choices, you will then head to the Coliseum, and after successfully defeating all opponents, you return to see Madame M, which will trigger the Sam The Party Never Stops and Dynamite Body side quests with the Universal side quest. Burning Thighs.

When you continue the main quest after these side quests have been given, you will be instructed to dance at the Honey Bee Inn to impress Andrea. Your performance in the dance mini-game just seems to determine if you win a special gift from Andrea, and that can also earn you the Dancing Queen trophy. After the dance sequence, Cloud should wear a simple black dress.

The Corseted Blue Dress – Chocobo Sam Side Quests

This time around I tried alternate dialogue answers and made sure to complete any side quests that were given to me after making those choices to achieve a different outcome .

  • Describe Tifa to Chocobo Sam – Choose: “She’s in great shape”
  • Followed by Johnny – Yeah or No Answer – Choose: “Yeah”
  • Chocobo Sam Prize Draw – Heads, Tails or No Deal – Choose “No Deal”
  • Madame M Massage – Choose: “Poor Man’s Course 100 Gil”
  • Aerith Outfit Reviews – Choose “All is well”

This will trigger Sam’s side quest route again. This time around, I completed all the side quests before continuing, which along with those answers resulted in Cloud wearing the blue corseted dress.

The extravagant dress – Madam M. side quests

The final outfit requires you to unlock Madame M.’s route and complete the side quests she gives you. In order to trigger his demands, these are the choices I made.

  • Describe Tifa to Chocobo Sam – Choose: “She is good at handling books”
  • Johnny Tracking – No (completely ignored him)
  • Chocobo Sam raffle – Heads, Tails or No deal – Choose “Heads”
  • Madame M Massage – Choose “Luxury Course 3000 Gil”
  • Aerith Outfit Reviews – Choose “Looks Comfortable”

After the Colosseum, you should now trigger Madam M.’s side quests The Price of Theft and Shears’ Counterattack, as well as Burning Thighs. After completing all of those requests and moving up, Cloud will wear the more extravagant pale lavender dress with ruffles and a little pink decal.

As you can see some of the answers were the same, but it seems to depend on specific choices related to how you interact with Johnny, what you choose to do with Sam and Ms. M, and if and what side quests you complete. .

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