Five Inspiring Decorating Ideas for Rooms with Low Ceilings

Five Inspiring Decorating Ideas for Rooms with Low Ceilings

While buying or renting places, people obsess with square footage and ceiling height. Ceiling heights are often the prominent aspect that can define the spaciousness of the house. High ceilings in your home will prove helpful in making the room feel airy. On the other side, lower ceilings can create a sense of coziness and calm. High ceilings are the dream architecture for many people, but the reality can be far from it. Most of the time, you have to stick with a low ceiling, and it can make you feel caged in a dull space. Fret not because a bit of consideration in the style and layout can help you with these lower ceilings.

The biggest drawback of having a low ceiling in your room is feeling cramped. The low ceilings can also make your room look dark. That is why you need to pay extra attention while placing furniture and decorating the space. The newest trend of installing suspended ceilings UK is also making rooms lose almost two to three inches of their height. So, if you are dealing with low ceilings or the low length of the room, you are on the right page. We have jotted down five inspiring décor ideas to amp up your space and make it look no less than art.

Five decorating ideas for rooms with the low ceiling:      

Rooms with low ceilings are fun to style if only you know the right tricks. All you need is to invest in horizontal furniture pieces and light hues and brighten your room with modern lighting fixtures. You can read the below guide to make work of rooms with a low ceiling.

  1. Choose a light color:     

We all know that having low ceilings will give the feel of a small space. Keep in mind that designing small areas is no less than a challenge. The best option for decorating a ceiling is by painting it. The other option is installing ceiling panels. But it may take up more space. You can choose a light color to make your room look spacious.

  1. Consider adding more lights:    

Lighting is one of the best ways to solve most décor options. The look of your room depends on the lighting. Remember that lighting can create one of the best illusions and make your room look top-tier. Installing more lighting will create an illusion of a high ceiling. You can choose mounted lighting for decorating your room with a low ceiling.

  1. Hang curtains high:    

The next décor option hides in the beauty of curtains. Do not forget that not every type of curtain will make your room trendy. You will have to hang your curtains very high. Floor-to-ceiling curtains will make your ceilings look tall. Make sure you choose curtains in light colors and fabric.

  1. High-gloss paint solves everything:    

It is a fact that a mirror creates an illusion of more space. Installing mirrors on the ceiling is never a worthy idea. The best alternative for the mirror is a high-gloss ceiling. You can choose a glossy paint for your low ceiling.

  1. Prefer minimalism:    

If you have a small place, it is best to keep it minimal. Overdoing any décor will make your space look more cramped. The key to a well-organized room lies in minimalism. Choose necessities for décor and do not invest in fancy items.

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