Helpful Tips To Throw A Housewarming Party In Your New Neighbourhood

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Shifting to a new neighborhood can be daunting. When you do not know the place and people living around you, you might get stressed and lonely. With the right move in your initial days, you can create a good image of yourself in your neighbors that can help you settle at the new place and make friends that might last a lifetime.

Throwing a housewarming party for your new neighbors can be a great start. This way, you can know your neighbors informally and get a chance to meet everyone in one place. However, throwing a perfect party is a task in itself. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to throw a successful party for your new friends-to-be.

1.      Decorate Your House

We know you are new to the place but make sure to put some effort into the party you are throwing. Get around the local market and find some items for the decor. The light decor will improve your hosting skills and make your neighbors feel welcomed.

You should get a few strings of fairy lights, some candles, a bunch of fresh flowers for the vases around the corner, and some other decorative items. Present your food in the best crockery that you have. If you want to use disposable plates, find beautiful patterns from the local market.

2.      Invest In A Beautiful Spread

The food you present can help you get closer to your neighbors. Many people are impressed by their new neighbors if they know them as great cooks. If you are familiar with cooking or baking, make some of the best dishes that you know.

However, you might have a lot to do on the day of the party. Do not take everything on your shoulders, instead find some ready-made items from the shops. For instance, appetizers such as onion rings or fried pickles can be ordered online. Similarly, instead of making gallons of drinks, get yourself juice boxes or cartons of cold drinks.

3.      Arrange A Few Interactive Games

No party can be a success if you are not entertaining your guests to the fullest. If all your guests are feeling bored or if they are dispersing into groups, you might not be able to call it a success. Therefore, arrange a few interactive games that involve all your guests. When all your guests are busy with one activity, they can interact better.

You should also have a few non-political topics at hand that you can initiate if the conversation goes silent. As a host, you must keep everyone occupied and entertained. Do not let your guests go home with a negative image.

4.      Consider Guests With Kids/Pets

When you have moved to a new place as a family, make sure to invite your neighbors with their families. Let your children interact with one another as well. If you have pets, you can invite other pets too as people like those who give their pets some attention.

Your party might get too big but remember that this is the first time you are inviting your neighbors. Make sure you do it right. Informal family-to-family interactions are great to get to know each other and finding out if you are compatible with a certain family or not.

5.      Avoid Judgements

As a host, you should not be judging your guests. Welcome everyone with an open mind. Do not make impressions about anyone just yet. Many people are not comfortable with large groups and they may reveal themselves better if you meet them personally. Therefore, utilize your housewarming party as an excuse to introduce yourself to your neighbor and get a basic idea about the people living around you.

Instead of asking personal questions, stay on topics related to jobs, kids’ education, local entertainment centers, good places to dine out, etc. You do not want to pluck a nerve somewhere, so keep your conversation as open as possible.

6.      Interact With Guests Individually

When you have guests over, do not just talk to everyone as a group. The entire purpose of a housewarming party is to get to know your neighbors. You should consider talking to everyone individually as well.

You can sit around with your guests one by one or make small conversations with one person only to get to know them better. When you have everyone in the house, you will know different types of people living around you. You might be able to find your type and get to know them better.

Final Words

Moving to a new neighborhood can be hard, especially if you do not know the people around you. You can arrange a small get-together with your neighbors to get to know them better. Make sure that you interact with everyone individually before making an impression on them.

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