How to Keep Your King Betta Fish Alive for As Long as Possible?

Betta Fish

Keeping your king betta fish happy and healthy can be challenging in the first few weeks of ownership. When you first bring your new pet home, it’s common to see him swimming frantically or hovering near the surface as if he is looking for an escape. This behavior is usually temporary, but it’s still important that you take action right away and create a safe, hospitable environment for your new pet. Fortunately, keeping a betta happy is not very difficult once you know the specifics of its needs. In this article, we will cover everything from cleaning to feeding and even show you some cool tricks you can use to make your new friend feel more at home.

Water quality is extremely important

Betta fish are naturally inclined to swim up to the surface of the water and stay there most of the time, which can be concerning if your fish tank is not clean. This becomes even more problematic if your water quality is not up to par. Betta fish are particularly sensitive to poor water quality, and can easily become sick if their water is not treated properly. Betta fish are also very sensitive to changes in temperature, so you’ll want to make sure your tank has a reliable filtration system that can maintain steady water temperatures.

If your tank is not equipped with filtration, or you see that your water has become cloudy or discolored, you should clean it immediately. However, if your water is clean but still appears discolored, it could be that your betta is staying near the top of the tank because he doesn’t have enough space to swim.

The importance of an aquarium heater

Keeping your tank at a consistent temperature is just as important as keeping it clean. A betta tank should maintain a temperature between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If your tank is not equipped with a heater, you should clean the water and replace it every week. Betta fish like clean water, but they can become sick if the water is too fresh. If your tank has a heater, you should be able to keep the water clean for longer, but you should still clean it at least once a month.

Once you purchase a heater, you should make sure it is the right size for your tank. The best way to do this is to check the information on your tank and then consult a table that lists the appropriate heater sizes. If you don’t have this information, there are other ways to measure your tank, but it is important to take your measurements carefully.

Betta’s diet and nutrition

Just like humans, betta fish have specific dietary needs that must be met to stay healthy. The easiest way to meet your betta’s dietary needs is to feed it live food, such as insects and worms. However, these types of food are not very practical for long-term feeding. Betta fish thrive when they consume a mixture of different proteins, such as worms, crickets and other insects, pellets and brine shrimp.

You should feed your betta fish once every day, and try to provide a variety of foods to ensure that your betta is getting the right nutrition. There are many commercial betta fish foods on the market today, and they are usually a good choice for feeding your pet.

How to choose a tank for your King Betta?

Betta fish can live in almost any type of water tank, but they do require a minimum amount of space. Most betta fish owners choose a 10-gallon aquarium for their king betta because it is large enough to meet the needs of the fish but small enough to be affordable. Betta fish appreciate vertical space, so an aquarium that has an extra-tall design is recommended.

You should also make sure to choose a tank that has a cover, as betta fish are notorious for jumping out of their tanks. Betta fish can be kept in tanks without filters, but you must make sure you clean the tank at least once a month to prevent any buildup.

Decorations to make your King Betta happy

Like any other fish, betta fish appreciate a few decorations in their tank. However, you should be careful about what you put in your tank because many decorations can be harmful to your fish. Betta fish can eat small plants, so they are usually safe to put in your tank. However, they are also particularly messy fish, so you should make sure to clean the plants often to avoid algae growth. Betta fish also enjoy climbing and hiding, so you can add fake plants and rocks to your tank to meet these needs.

How to keep your King Betta fish happy and healthy?

Keeping your king betta healthy is easier than you might think. Betta fish are naturally active, so you should make sure to give your fish plenty of swimming space. You can do this by cleaning your tank regularly and adding decorations, such as plants and rocks. Betta fish also enjoy interacting with their owners, so you can engage with your fish by feeding it live food or playing music for it regularly. Finally, you should keep your betta’s tank at a consistent temperature and cleanliness to keep it happy and healthy.


Betta fish are exotic yet beautiful fish that make great pets for both children and adults. King bettas are just one type of betta fish that can be found at many pet stores. King bettas are known for their interesting colors, large fins, and their tendency to hover at the top of their tanks. Betta fish require a special environment because they are so sensitive to their surroundings. If you do your research and keep your king betta happy, you can keep it for years.

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