How to Recruit Kiryu and Majima in Yakuza Like A Dragon


Knowing how to recruit Kiryu and Majima into Yakuza Like A Dragon is important information, as one of the main questions everyone had in mind when Yakuza 7 was first revealed was “so, does that mean the story of Kiryu and Majima is over? ”After all, this new game follows Ichiban Kasuga, along with his companions Saeko, Adachi and Nanba. Where exactly are Kiryu and Majima in this puzzle?

Well, Like A Dragon responds to that – but first let us warn you that as we continue, there will be some minor spoilers for this game and how you will get the summon of Kiryu and Majima. If you’re ok with the what and the how that’s ruined for you, keep reading!

Chapter 12 is one of the longest chapters in this game – especially if you haven’t saved your money – so you will be relieved to know that after all these hardships you will get a fitting reward: the inclusion of have Majima as a Poundmate. Yes, just a Poundmate that you can call on your phone. While this might sound a bit disappointing, there’s good reason you won’t know until after you’ve completed Chapter 12.

You’ll have to beat Majima, alongside his brother Saejima, first in Chapter 12. It’s a tough fight, so be prepared to do a bit of grinding ahead of time to stand a chance against them both.

Once you’ve completed Chapter 12 and Majima is a Poundmate, you can turn to him for help. His attack damages all enemies in battle, with a chance to cripple them. However, the cost of its help is high! A million yen isn’t exactly cheap, so call for its help when you really, really need it.

How to recruit Kiryu Kazuma in Yakuza as a dragon

There are 15 chapters in Like A Dragon, and you meet Dojima’s dragon himself during Chapter 12. He’ll be the guy in the shadows, casually saving your life as if it really was that easy. that. You’ll have to remember that Kiryu was around 60 years old at the time, but let us tell you this: he’s not afraid and is flexible enough to kick.

As lucky as you are to see Kiryu in Chapter 12, you won’t be able to officially recruit him until the very end of Chapter 14. This means that unfortunately yes, there is only one whole chapter where you can use Kiryu as your a Poundmate. Still, maybe that’s for the best considering the cost of using Kiryu, like Majima, is insanely expensive.

However, the results are worth it, because while 1,000,000 yen isn’t cheap, Kiryu’s ability to attack isn’t a determining factor. With Kiryu’s help, all enemies are hit and they will have a chance to get an instant knockout. Even the toughest enemies don’t stand a chance against Dojima’s dragon!

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