Know how Jungle Scout can be used for online arbitrage

tactical arbitrage

Don’t overlook Jungle Scout, the one-stop shop for Amazon selling. As an Amazon seller you should know about how to use tactical arbitrage. Several tools are available on Jungle Scout to assist you in finding valuable products for online arbitrage.

  • Extension

You can get a fast overview of a product’s performance on Amazon with the Jungle Scout Extension. The product’s average monthly sales, average price, and profitability are all available for viewing. To calculate the potential profit on an item, click on the Net price and Extension will display a profit calculator.

On the Amazon product detail page, directly above the title, a graph will also be shown thanks to the Extension. The graph will show the monthly sales as well as a history of past trends. The Buy Box price, New Lowest Pricing, BSR, Amazon’s price, daily sales, ratings, and other historical data points are displayed on the graph. You’ll be able to source goods to resell more intelligently if you have access to these data points.

  • Product Databases

Based on the parameters you provide in the tool, the Product Database can assist you in finding products to sell. For online arbitrage, one of its filters can locate products based on the quantity of vendors. You can locate things that could work well for your company if you set the tool to display products with numerous sellers.

Multiple vendors on a product listing indicate that each has located a supplier for that item, whether through wholesale or arbitrage. If there is just one vendor listed for a listing, it is likely a private label brand whose goods you cannot obtain.

  • Sales forecaster

The Jungle Scout free Sales Estimator tool displays your monthly average sales figures for specific Amazon product categories. To get projected sales figures, just enter the Best Sellers Rank, Amazon marketplace, and product category. Use the sales estimator to gain a better understanding of how many times a particular product sells each month when sourcing products for online arbitrage. 

Cons and Benefits of using online arbitrage

Before purchasing a subscription, think about the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Saves time: 

Using this tool eliminates the need to manually search websites for good bargains. To find the greatest things to buy and resale, just enter a site into Tactical Arbitrage. This expedites the process of finding products for your company.

  • Makes Online Arbitrage Easier: 

Finding the goods that will bring in the greatest money is the key to online arbitrage. However, it’s not always simple with so many things on so many different websites. Tactical Arbitrage, however, automates the procedure and makes it simple for anyone to complete.


  • Even the most affordable package costs $50 a month, which is a lot. You cannot even use the product search tool if that is the case. Additionally, it will cost you $95 every month to use all the tools.
  • The Flip Pack and Wholesale Pack are the least expensive packages; however they do not feature the Product Search tool, which makes them less useful for sellers.

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