Monster Hunter World Iceborne Fulgur Anjanath guide – tips and tricks for taking it down

fulgur anjanath

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Fulgur Anjanath really puts the thunder in the thunder lizard. It’s a variation of the fire-breathing T-Rex from the base game, but electrically charged and a little more angry too. It’s not surprising that he’s irritated either, as he calls Hoarfrost Reach his home and it’s unbelievably cold there.

The Iceborne Fulgur Anjanath is a brute Wyvern and uses the element of thunder to boost his physical attacks, launching explosive volts and delivering crispy bites that can make the job short of even the most experienced hunting parties. As a result, taking down this terrifying T-Rex can be quite difficult, especially when you only know the regular species of Anjanath.

If you’re struggling to survive this high-voltage fight and want to unplug the thunder from Fulgur Anjanath, be sure to follow our Monster Guide below for the tips and tricks you need to survive this electrifying battle.

Behavior and traits of Fulgur Anjanath

Fulgur Anjanath boosts his attacks by storing electricity, then unleashing shocking stings and ranged thunder whenever he feels threatened. Much like his fire-breathing relationship, Fulgur Anjanath are very aggressive predators who will attack anything that dares as much as watching them. When enraged, Fulgur Anjanath will flash his bright blue ruffles to intimidate his enemies.

Fulgur Anjanath attacks and strategic advice

Fulgur Anjanath’s thunder attacks can quickly drop your health bar to zero, especially if you’re unlucky enough to get caught by one of his many shocking bites. He tends to string them together in combos of two or three, so staying below or behind is the safest thing to do. You’ll want to stay clear of this beast’s jaws, so only hit it around the head when you have a safe window to do so. For example, after Fulgur Anjanath uses one of his ranged electric attacks, be sure to deal the damage during the animation’s downtime. Fulgur’s electric attacks will inflict Thunderblight disease on the hunter.

Packing Nulberries

Packing Nulberries will cure this disease and help reduce those frustrating dizziness that leads to premature demise. If you are tired of seeing your health melt away, also consider getting armor that is good at withstanding thunder. Fulgur Anjanath’s attacks will become even more explosive when he becomes enraged, so the extra resistance will really help you survive some of his more devastating attacks. Finally, be sure to keep your distance when Fulgur bites the ground, as it will trigger a massive explosion of electricity that will shock and send everyone caught inside. It’s best to bring a weapon of ice, water, or fire to help reduce this beast’s health faster, as it is weak against all three.

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