Red Dead Online gets free roam missions featuring Black Belle and Sadie Adler, plus more free gold

sadie adler

Red Dead Online brought a little more to the cast of Red Dead Redemption 2 with its latest update, which – among other things – added new missions featuring two characters from the main story: Maybelle Elizabeth Colter, better known as Black Belle, and one and only Sadie Adler.


As Rockstar explained in a blog post, you can visit these characters and start their free roaming missions at Lemoyne and the Adler Ranch in Ambarino. Fittingly, Red Dead Online’s clothing catalog has also received some stylish additions aimed at western women, which you can see in this pic (by the way, the new plaid hat is in limited supply, so grab one soon. if you’re dying to wear patterned headwear.):

More missions mean more mission incentives, so the update also increased dollar and gold payouts for all free roaming missions and events, as well as Land of Opportunities missions and showdowns. You’ll also earn more cash and gold playing with a group of other players, and instantly receive five gold bars just for joining a group anytime this week.


Meanwhile, PS4 owners got a new batch of early access content, the most promising being Andalusian horse Perlino. Any horse whose name has so many syllables must be striking, and it is a beautiful beast. As a PlayStation blog post explained, the Perlino “has greater endurance for long journeys and can be acquired for free with a new saddle and panniers.” The proud Perlino riders will also receive two new emoticons. Their names are less exciting: “Vantard” and “Hey, you”.

Aside from the free horses, PS4 owners now have access to the old tomahawk and its accompanying Make it Count Showdown, which looks like a Red Dead version of Call of Duty’s Sticks’ n Stones mode. Basically everyone has a big disposable tomahawk and a bounty on their heads. Guess what happens next?

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