What is a Cryptocurrency All-Time High and Bull Run?

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What is a Crypto All-Time High and Bull Run?

The market of digital assets is different from the traditional ones by its increased volatility. The main driver for crypto rates is the balance between demand and supply. The emission of coins is not subject to governmental decisions. Banks either do not “print” new coins. The number of coin supplies is encrypted in crypto algorithms, and no one can change it. Assets with a limited supply have a higher price due to their scarcity. Assets with unlimited supply feel difficult to grow in price, for supply usually exceeds demand. So as you can see, regular market rules are working in the crypto market.

Cryptocurrency prices live are never the same – they fluctuate little by little and have sharp jumps and drops as well. Here are the factors affecting them:

  • Demand and supply balance
  • Media coverage
  • Competition in the market
  • The trend
  • Investors sentiment.

Following the market trends, cryptocurrency prices live move up and down:

  • A bear trend is what we are witnessing today: crypto rates drop, demand is low, and investors are pessimistic.
  • A bull trend.

Let’s talk about the bull tendency in more detail.

A Bull Trend

This is the name for the market’s upward movement. During the bull tendency, cryptocurrency prices live reached crypto all-time high, which means the maximum price that was ever fixed in the history of the asset.

Here are some characteristics of the bull trend:

  • optimistic investors’ mood 
  • Increasing demand
  • Many new crypto companies emerge
  • Startups raise funds
  • Prices can skyrocket to 40% in a couple of days.

What is the Best Time to Buy Cryptocurrency?

People usually start to buy crypto in masses when there is a lot of buzz around this industry. However, that is not entirely correct. It is better to purchase digital coins when their prices are low, so you can capitalize on their price growth when the bull trend starts. 

  1. The best time to buy cryptocurrency is when the market is experiencing a dip or a correction, as this could be an opportunity to purchase coins at a lower price. So the best time for buying cryptocurrency is the bear trend.
  2. It’s also advisable to buy cryptocurrency during periods of low volatility, as this could be an indication of stability in the market.
  3. Another optimal time to buy cryptocurrency is when a major event, such as a blockchain upgrade or a regulatory change, is on the horizon, as this could lead to a surge in demand and subsequently, the price.
  4. Some traders also believe that buying cryptocurrency during the weekend, when trading volumes tend to be lower, could lead to better prices and increased profit potential.
  5. Ultimately, the best time to buy cryptocurrency depends on your individual investment goals and risk tolerance, as well as your ability to stay informed and adapt to market fluctuations.

How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies?

Use a reliable crypto exchange such as Binance, Coinbase, ByBIT, WhiteBIT, etc. These platforms have proved to be credible and have many positive reviews on the Internet. To buy and sell digital assets, you may use a simple tool – a crypto converter. It lets you see cryptocurrency prices live and exchange coins at the best market price.

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