What is a re-trigger in online slot games?

re-trigger in online slot games

There are many exciting features in modern online slots UK no deposit games, with no feature getting more exciting than the re-trigger feature. Many newer players often wonder what this feature is and why exactly they should use it. 

What is the re-trigger feature? 

A re-trigger is an exciting feature that players will come across whenever they activate the free spins feature. Essentially, the re-trigger feature is when players manage to get another free spins bonus whilst using a free spins bonus, in essence re-triggering it. This feature can be incredibly beneficial for players as it means that the amount of free spins that they use can be increased dramatically and it is not difficult to do, the free spins bonus is often easy to trigger. Not every feature that players come across will be able to be re-triggered so it is very special when they are able to do it with free spins. While this feature may seem indefinite in theory, the truth is that this feature often has a cap placed on it by slot games. 

Benefits of feature 

Using a re-trigger feature is something that all players should be looking to do, this is because it can offer many amazing benefits to those who use it. The following are some of the best benefits that come with using the re-trigger feature. 

  •     Bigger wins – Perhaps the most obvious benefit that comes from using this feature is the fact that it offers players the chance to get some bigger wins, by re-triggering a bonus such as free spins. Players will be able to amass a nice amount of wins if they manage to use this feature right.
  •     Easy to use – Some features that players will come across are incredibly tough to use, however that is not the case when it comes to the re-trigger feature. This feature is simple to use, almost any player can do it. If you are struggling to use the re-trigger feature then it is always worth using a demo slot to practise for free!

Methods to use re-trigger feature 

Not every slot game will have the same method to activate the re-trigger feature. Some are more simple and obvious whilst others require slightly more nuance from a player. The following are some of the main methods that the feature can be triggered. 

  1.  Getting three or more scatter icons in a row is the most common way that players can use this feature. This is simple enough and the main way that free spins features are activated in slot games.
  2. Other games don’t require players to do this, they instead want players to get the stacked symbols to appear on certain reels. To activate the re-trigger feature, players will be required to do this action once again.
  3. If you are ever confused on how to activate this feature, it may be worth checking the paytable of a slot game to find some answers. 


The re-trigger feature can be incredibly useful to players, it essentially lets them spin the reels for absolutely free.

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